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BBN WebConnect Plugin

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No Programming Required! BBN WebConnect keeps business portal and their owners connected via email and on their mobile phone. The simple sense of it all is that while you get going about your everyday business, all visitor requests for your product online get forwarded to you via sms and email in realtime.

BBN WebConnect Illustration

The WebConnect Advantage

Visitor will fill in their phone number, email, and request note via the web form. The note gets delivered to your mobile phone instantly. And you can instantly call the visitor, convert him into a customer and close deals.
You don’t want to miss another great opportunity!


Simple Integration Steps

  • Login to you BBN SMS Messenger account
  • Navigate to Plugins / WebConnect
  • Complete the form and copy the generated code
  • Paste the code in the position on your web page where you want the form to appear
  • Upload page to your web server

Standard sms routing cost applies for all text messages sent over web-connect.

  • Java SDK for HTTP API
  • BBN WebConnect Plugin

Technical Support

For integration issues, send the details including how to replicate the fault in an email to